Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sad Beep

OK, ok, you'd think that I'd be satisfied with two blogs and few letters in the main press but I've decided that one can never have too many centres where you can reveal the inner secrets of your life.

So why the heck am I starting yet another blog? Probably because I've turned into one of those desparate people seeking attention and can't get it elsewhere. So here I am, desparate for a subject to blabber on about and get myself the attention that I'd try and blame my folks for.

Sad depressed beeps always blame their folks for everything. I mean, why bother with yourself when the old farts seem more .......well more fun to abuse. "Oh Yes, my folks split when I was an embryo and I was brought up by a three legged Albanian Lesbian Dwarf - therefore I am now a total loser in life." - Yeah right so that's how its done.

Da da ti tum

That's it for today - lets grouch another day.