Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Day of Many Almost

It's been a day of almost, almost events. Thought I was going to meet with Grid to tie up our financial details about the GE job but it did not happen. Then I thought I was going to discuss several projects but it turned out that I didn not and ended up looking at what could be a load of crisis management activties - oh, ar, wah.

The hot event of the day was the fact that Han Li was nearly not allowed to come into Singapore after a month back home. The girl has her issues with immigration and I guess she's used to dealing with the guys at ICA. For me, it was getting ready to psychologically prepare for the fact that she might not have been prancing around in the background to make my life a bit more interesting.

I guess it could be something to do with the fact that its now half way through the year. Its not been as dramatically as good as it was last year, but then again that much is to be expected. However, I do wish certain things were better and I suppose I could be doing better. Health issues have also cropped up. I'm off for an MRI next week - back is making life uncomfortable when I do too much sitting in front of the computer - which is pretty ironic because I need to sit in front of a computer to make a living. - Eech.

Anyway, will have something deeper and happier to write in the next few moments.