Friday, June 15, 2012

The West is Superior!

Just posted a response to a friend’s picture showing a Caucasian Man holding an Asian girl's bag. The caption read, “White Slave.” For some reason, I commented that it was, “The Natural Order for Asians to rule.” Someone called me a “Sad racist, who would wake up and realize that the West still rules.”

Let me say that I could not agree more with this statement. The West and Westerners, particularly the pink and blotchy remain superior to yellow, brown and black people no matter what. Let’s just look at the areas where they dominate and bow down in awe at their awesome superiority.

One of the key areas where the West remains the world power can be seen in the financial system. Despite the economic turmoil, the rest of still look to places like London and New York as wonderful wealth creating havens of capitalism.

How did the financial wizards of New York and London make such magic? Well, the answer is very simple. They came up with a magic formula where nothing was always superior to something and debt was always superior to having cash in the bank. As a senior figure of a Western financial company once said, “You got have debt. There’s no way you can do business without debt.”

This magic formula is wonderful. Banks could create money out of thin air and then lend it to people who obviously could not pay it back. The creditworthiness of the customer was irrelevant because the debt could then be sold in this place called the market. In the meantime this person called the customer merely paid far more than he or she would ever had to if he or she had delayed the purchase and saved the cash. Savings as they say is for losers and inferior people who don’t get.

Yellow people like the Japanese and Chinese are particular dumb. Apparently the faults in the global economy come from the fact that Yellow People do things like save the money they make. The Western people are superior and better for the world economy because they spend money that the banks create for them and then they invest in businesses that don’t do stupid things like worry about profitability or having assets. Such businesses do not worry about old fashioned things like this – they just focus on a promise that the founder dreams about.

When you look at things this way, it’s easy to see that the West is clearly superior to the rest of us. When Asians go overboard they MUST go into this thing called bankruptcy. It is supposed stop “corrupt” people from being a drag on the national economy. Westerners have a superior concept. It is called “Too Big to Fail.” When a Western company has debts that it cannot pay, there is this person called the “tax payer” who has a moral obligation to defend such companies from going bankrupt because this is good for the national economy.

 You cannot call the people who put the companies into such a situation ‘corrupt.’ These people are highly qualified and they must be given a severance package that is only a 100 times greater than the annual wages of the average worker (Apparently there is no such thing as an average worker in the West because average work is given to Yellow, Brown and Black people and that’s called stealing jobs.)

The West kicks ass in fighting wars too. The West, particularly the USA spends more on producing the things that could kill us than the rest of us combined. I’ve read somewhere that the West being better at killing people is actually good for the world. It somehow benefits the world when brown, yellow and black people are bombed from the sky but a human rights violation when a brown man kills another brown man on the ground.

Westerners are particularly good at saving the world from people who tell them that they may have weapons. The West is saving us with tanks and planes that bomb when they fight against people who throw stones at the said tanks. The West is particularly good when it comes to fighting against people who have weapons of mass destruction and the declared intention of using them. The Western method of dealing with such people is called “negotiation” and “food aid.”

I don’t know why the rest of us cannot see the benevolence of the West. Unlike the brown, black and yellow parts of the world, the West NEVER tortures. It as this thing called “extensive interrogation.” This involves stripping people and placing them in a cold room and laughing at them. Sometimes it involves holding a guy under a dripping tap. It is how the West protects our human rights.

How can you not admire the West and Westerners? When they let yellow and brown people into their countries to do things like set up small shops, restaurants and cleaning services, it is a sign of Western benevolence to the “little people.” When yellow and brown people pay Westerners a premium to sell yellow and brown people services and goods made by yellow and brown people it is called benefiting the yellow and brown people.

I salute the West and Westerners. I now understand why it is important to shit on yellow, brown and black people when they clean my estate and wipe the shit of my arse for the price of a candy bar. I will no longer have a “Chip on my shoulder” when anything I’ve mentioned happens to me. Long Live the West and Westerner for they are obviously better than the rest of us!